holy freaking crap i just realized this is the first time elsa has ever been around a large group of her subjects this is the first time she has really seen how citizens adore their monarch this is probably the first time a group of people have ever shown her love and affection and it’s in at a moment when it’s already too late for her to feel loved because her powers have been revealed and she probably realizes everyone’s going to hate her now just as they’re starting to love her wOW WOW WOW OUCH

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THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT ON THE R9K/SIS THING. I was all for the ship in a cute fluffy cuddly platonic way, but seeing it turned so sexual and borderline triggering in some cases has really kinda turned me off of it :\ and I just... really don't like how people are twisting your version of Elsa so out of character. Part of the reason I like her so much is that yeah she does get sexually frustrated, but she's OKAY with holding back. All that fanart is ruining that, and it really sucks.

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