Anonymous asked:

An offer i would like to take yet refusing is all i can make. Such a pity for it is too tempting, hearing your voice may be a blessing. I keep myself as anon, such is a pity. I find solace in secrecy. Added that by anon power i'm able to say these to you. I'm taking advantage of it, as someone who adores you. :) Your poetic ability is very much amusing. makes me regret the decision of declining ;)

buuut if you regret declining, all you have to do is not decline and then you’ll have nothing to regret, i promise :) 

Anonymous asked:

I will never understand why people think that french is hot x) I'm french so maybe it's why I don't think it's hot but why not x) Anyway, I love your blog, it's really cute and you seem to be a really nice human being ! Have a nice day (or goodnight, I don't know :P)

yoo i took french in high school and let me tell you french in the right context can be very hot but there are times when it is just frustrating as all get out so i completely understand

also thank you!! sorry i didn’t respond to this sooner; i was on mobile and i hate replying that way

Anonymous asked:

Ridiculously amazing? That I can't believe? hahaha. It's like saying santa is real on christmas eve. But seriously French and other language is fun to learn. Especially if a smile from you I could earn. ;) I adore accents of French, Russians, Italians and even Spanish, hearing it in person damn that would be my wish. :D Be it dirty or cheesy that I don't much mind. hearing it from someone, then i'll know love is blind XD

If you like cheesy accent imitations then I’m your girl; all I need is a way for you to hear my voice and I’ll give it a whirl :)

there it is that’s the extent of my poetic abilities